Jag behover er hjalp!

Vad ska jag ge mina vardforaldrar i julklapp?

Jag har inte sa mycke och presentkort kanns trakigt!



1.) When showering, do you start the water and then get in or get in and start the water?
Start the water and then get in!

2.) Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottle?

3.) Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex?

4.) Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?
Haha, no

5.) How old do you look?
Do not  know

6.) What's the last song you listened to?
"Liar"- Taking Back Sunday

7.) Have you recently became a member of anything?

8.) What are your plans for the weekend?
Work friday, move saturday

9.) Have you ever smuggled something into America?
Dont think so

10.) Does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more hot?

11.) Do you live in a city with a good sports team?
Yeah, Seattle Seahawks, American football team.

12.) How many people do you think would come to your funeral?
Dont know. ill rather have i few that loves me there, than alot that dont iven know me that well

14.) Do you have more enemies or more friends?
More friends i hope

15.) Have you ever sent an anonymous letter?
Actually I think so, when I was a kid:P

16.) Can you fix your own car?
Haha, i can jump it!

17.) Have you ever turned someone down for a date?

18.) Are you smarter then your friends?
No, I don't think so.

19.) Have you ever stolen anything from your friends?
Not what i can remember.

20.) Have you ever been to jail?

21.) Should you have?
Maybe. ive been driving a "little" too fast some times.

22.) Do you like the smell of beer?
Yuck! I hate beer..

23.) Have you ever died or killed someone in a dream?
I think i died in my dreams

24.) Have you ever given to charity?

25.) Would you kill a dog for $1000?

26.) Do you sometimes get depressed?

27.) Do you live with your parents?

28.) Do you have plans for your future?

You are
[ ] short, under 5'4
[ ] 5'4" -5'6"
[x] 5'7" - 6'0
[ ] tall 6'1 and up

[ ] blonde
[ ] redhead
[ ] brunette
[x] dirty blonde
[ ] dark brown
[ ] black/pink

[ ] blue-eyed
[ ]brown-eyed
[ ] hazel-eyed
[ ] gold/gray-eyed
[ ] silver/gray- eyed
[ ] blue/green-eyed
[ ] blue/gray-eyed
[ ] green/teal/brown-eyed
[ ] they change colors in different light

I use
[ ] glasses
[ ] contacts
[x] both
[ ] neither

I have
[ ] short hair
[x] medium hair
[ ] long hair

Some things I've done
[x] ice skating
[ ] hiking
[X] kayaking
[ ] rafting
[ ] water skiing
[x] camping
[x] horseback riding
[ ] body/surfing and skim/wake boarding
[x] snowboarding
[X] skiing
[X] dancing
[x] skateboarding
[x] cheerleading
[ ] lacrosse
[x] street hockey
[X] gymnastics
[x] martial arts
[ ] baton twirling
[X] swimming

My personality is sometimes...
[X] talkative
[x] shy
[X] funny
[X] serious
[ ] laid back
[ ] strict
[X] hyper
[X] weird
[X] ditzy
[X] sarcastic
[ ] slow

I can NOT stand listening to...
[ ] pop
[x] country
[ ] classical
[ ] techno
[ ] oldies
[X] opera
[ ] 80's
[ ] disco
[ ] rap
[ ] classic rock
[ ] punk
[X] metal
[X] screamo
[ ] reggae

My confessions
[ ] im afraid of the quiet
[x] I am really ticklish
[ ] I'm afraid of the dark if im alone
[ ] I've collected comic books
[ ] I shut others out when I'm mad
[ ] I open up to others easily
[ ] I read the newspaper
[ ] I love Disney movies
[ ] I am a sucker for eyes
[ ] I don't kill bugs
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name
[ ] I bake well
[x ] I have worn pajamas to class
[ ] I love Martha Stewart
[ ] I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS
[x] I am self-concious
[X] I love to laugh
[x] I drink alcohol
[x] I drink alcohol on a regular basis
[ ] I smoke cigarettes
[ ] I can't swallow pills
[ ] I bite my nails
[ ] I play computer games when I'm bored
[x] gotten lost in the city
[x] gone out in public in your pajamas
[x] made out in an elevator
[ ] been skydiving
[ ] been bungee jumping
[X] bitten someone
[x] dressed up like the opposite sex
[ ] egged a house/car
[ ] smashed into a car
[ ] been fired
[x] been skinny dipping

Do I like...
[ ] old movies
[x] musicals
[X] blasting music in your car
[X] foreign foods
[ ] anime
[X] x-mas time
[x] donuts
[X] animals
[ ] coffee
[X] tea

Two names I go by other than your real name
1. Sarah( Amerikanskt uttal)
2. Lae

Two things I'm wearing right now
1. Jessies puma tshirt
2. Blue ugly pants

Two places you want to go on Vacation
1. La Vegas
2. LA

Two reasons I'm doing this survey
1. Im booooooored
2. Im boooooored

"Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"

usch blogg.se ar super segt just nu!
Men men jag forsoker anda!

Forra sondagen akte jag och Andre upp till Everett och tittade pa Panic! At The Disco, de var en bra konsert aven om jag blev valdigt mosad! Cobra Starship var forband, dom var riktigt bra!

Forra veckan hande inte sa mycke jobbade som vanligt och sen Starbucks pa tisdagen..
Pa SB planerade vi Andres fodelsedagsfest som skulle ske pa fredagen hemma hos Gene!
Gene ar en skit trevlig rysk kille som har ett stort hus med pool som han bor i helt sjalv. Dar har vi fester valdigt ofta!

Men denna fredagen var de Andres 21 are fest.. Jessie jag och Anton akte ner till Down town pa mandag till en affar som heter The Erotic bakery och bestallde en tarta med 2 stora brost pa! Anton tyckte att de var pinsamt att vandra runt i affaren, jag och Jessie alskade de, och vill stanna langre!

Sa pa fredag eftermiddag akte Jessie och hamtade tartan och sen hamtade hon mig och Malin och sen akte vi till Genes hus. Men de vissade sig att han var och hamtade nagra fest deltagar sa vi fick sitta i bilen utanfor och vanta! Sa vi borjade blasa upp ballonger i bilen och de tog en jakla tid for honom for vi hann bladsa upp ca 80 ballonger som vi satt med i bilen for de var svinkallt ute!

Men sen dok Gene upp till slut och vi borjade dekorera huset..

Ca  2 timmar senare borjade folk dyk upp, inklusive Andre och festen startade.

Kl 12 fick Andre sin brost tarta som blev en stor hit.. alla alskade den!

Sen var de alkholintag i nagra timmar..

Jag tog de ganska lugnt for jag madde inte sa bra.. holl pa att bli sjuk..  Men runt 3 hittade jag e sang att sova i!

Pa lordag morgon akte vi till Burger Master och at lunch! Basta bakis maten! och sen korde Jessie hem mig och sen typ sov jag och tog de lugnt i nagra timmar!

Pa kvallen jobbade jag, jag hade feber, men ungarna var lugna, sa de var okey!

Och igar stade jag och packade mitt rum eftersom vi flyttar till helgen!

Ringde hem till min syster pojkvan idag, de e hans fodelsedag idag! Grattis Anders!

Men men bilder fran helgen kommer snart!



Hinder kommer till Seattle den 17 januari.. Och jag och Jessie kommer sjalvklart vara dar!

Hoppas, hoppas, hoppas...

Att jag far se Hinder den 14 januri i Spokane lr den 17 i Seattle!